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Client Testimonials

We are always happy to hear back from our clients and know how they like their space. Our team strives to give excellent service in all aspects, and we have been helping making Muskoka cottagers’ dreams a reality for over 35 years. See feedback from our clients:

What a Difference!

Both Jesse and George did a beautiful job and we are so very pleased with the colour, design, and layout of the cupboard space. What a difference! The guys are a great team and please know we highly recommend Woodsmiths and their install team. We are very happy clients and want to send a big Thank You as this was not an easy time or design to work through during COVID years. You should be very proud of the workmanship all around.


- Gail & Jim



Amazing to Work With

Thanks for being so amazing to work with on our cottage kitchen project!


- Lori & Steve


Fabulous Kitchen

Thank you to Sue and the boys. Thank you so much! The kitchen is fabulous!

- Ann & Kevin



Thank You for Spending Extra Time

I want you to know how much we have enjoyed the new kitchen. We were thrilled with how it turned out and it is a joy to spend time in. it works perfectly with our big constantly eating family. Many thanks for all the time and effort you put in to help us with the design and logistics. The wormy maple turned out really well we felt. We really appreciated the extra Saturday’s you came in to meet with us as we sped through Bracebridge.

Many thanks again & best wishes.

- Mary F.



Went Above & Beyond

Thank you again for all your help. Woodsmiths’ service is wonderful and the quality of your work is always above and beyond. In particular I would like to say a special thanks to Kira. The service she provided was excellent, always responsive, calm and focused. She was able to guide me out of the “woods” when I wondered in. You made a potentially stressful process very comfortable – and all over the phone! I very much appreciate everything!

- Sonya

Highly Recommend

Building a new home can be exciting but also incredibly stressful! With so many different kitchen builders in the area, we worried about who to hire? Who to trust? Taking a leap of faith we chose Woodsmiths to do our kitchen. As admitted perfectionists with years of experience in all aspects of building and carpentry we wanted a company that shared our values and expectations. Woodsmiths of Muskoka not only met our expectations but exceeded them. It all began with Jutta, who works out of the Huntsville office. She literally spent hours patiently transforming all of our ideas and sketches into our dream kitchen. I must say her patience and attention to detail were amazing and she was always open to new ideas. Next were the installers; Expert and professional they always arrived on time and flawlessly installed the cabinets and hardware in spite of some challenging problems. Thanks also to Steve who quietly and expertly managed the project, providing unique solutions and keeping things timely. Finally to Sue, any questions or concerns we had were immediately addressed and we were treated with the utmost of respect. Sue is the definition of customer service! For all of these reasons we had all of our bathroom vanities custom built by the team at Woodsmiths as well. The only negative thing I can say is we had some challenges with the granite but those issues were also quickly addressed. Thank you Woodsmiths… We highly recommend you and couldn’t be happier!

- Tim & Denise



Love My New Pantry!

I was at my cottage on the weekend – first time since November. I LOVE – LOVE – LOVE the pantry!!! It’s terrific and will make a huge difference in the kitchen, especially in the summer when my family is up.

Thank you so much for everything.

- Ann

Beautiful & Functional Cabinets

Thank you so much for making our cabinets so functional and so beautiful!


- Lynda & Jan S.


Amazing Quality & Detail

Thanks so much for all you have done to make our kitchen one I have dreamed of! We knew we were in good hands when you came back to measure a second time!
We have appreciated your concern for quality and detail.

Thanks so much.

- Case & Brigette



Thanks for Your Patience

We are very pleased with the kitchen. Thanks to your patience and all the extra finishes that are very much “us”.

- Sharon & Don H.



We Love Our Kitchen

Just to let you know that we LOVE our kitchen and have recommended you to many of our friends.


- Roberta (Bobby) W.

Outstanding Workmanship

It looks simply amazing! The workmanship on the cabinets is outstanding! The team that did the installation was excellent and extremely quick. Won't be long before I get counters and even sinks. I can hardly wait to get my dishes into the cupboards. Thank you for all your help during the very challenging design phase.

- Louise & Chris



Our Dream Come True

Thank you to everyone at Woodsmiths in making our dream come true! Merry Christmas!

- Belinda & Ross M.



Thrilled with Kitchen & Bathrooms

George and I want to say how thrilled we are with our kitchen and bathrooms! Everyone at Woodsmiths was a pleasure to work with and the final outcome was amazing. George can confirm.... I am often working away on a meal and comment on how much I love our kitchen! Thanks for everything!

- George & Ruth

Captured Exactly What I Wanted

Just wanted to let you know that I am so happy with the kitchen and bathroom vanities. I can’t wait to get my dishes out of storage and start filling up the cupboards and start actually cooking and using the space. Thank-you so much for all your help, your patience, and your guidance. I was looking through the pictures I brought in the very first time we met and I think you captured exactly what I was imagining. You are very talented.

- Chris



Happy with Laundry Room

I just wanted to touch base with you. We are really happy with the way our laundry room turned out and again, thank you for all of your patience and work on that. 

- Richard D.



The Kitchen is Perfect


The kitchen is perfect. I can't believe how clean and spacious everything is, so many drawers!  Thank you so much - you delivered exactly what we asked for!


- Valerie P.


Very Pleased with Kitchen

I want to let you know how pleased we are with the kitchen. It is really functional AND the look of it still blows me away. James had it photographed but I don't think the photos do it justice!

- Wendy

Another Happy Customer

Your team's ethics and professionalism are outstanding and so much appreciated!

- Elizabeth and Ian

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